Grape Varities

100% Rkatsiteli

Rkatsiteli wine is made on traditional Kakhetian style in Qvevri from Saniore village vineyard. Rkatsiteli is Georgia’s most popular and widely planted grape variety from Kakheti viticulture region for making white wine.

The fermentation was performed in Qvevri, than it was aged for 6 months with 100% skins and stems contact, with result it has robust, distinctive and high in tannins and mouth-filling acidity. You can find aromas such as Green apple, citrus, raw nuts, quince, tropical fruit, dried apple, some spices and walnuts.

The wine is unfiltered.

Rkatsiteli Qvevri traditional wine in Kakheti has PDOs (Protected Designation of Origin) status.

Kakhetian style Qvevri Rkatsiteli wines have become the best match for the Eastern Georgian cuisine a boiled beef, barbecue, lamb dishes, cheese.

Recommended temperature to consume: 14c-16c

Alcohol: 12.0%-13.00

Volume: 0.750ml

Aging in Qvevri

6 months in 200 years old Qvevri with skins and sterms

Average Annual Production

300 cases